Alberta Resident Spots Fleet of UFOs


Date: 29 January, 2020.

Place: Spruce Grove, Province of Alberta, Canada.

Just a few days ago, more specifically on 29 January, a very strange event was reported in the small city of Spruce Grove, Alberta.

According to an anonymous testimony available on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online database, a local resident who was stargazing claimed to have spotted a formation of star-like objects passing over the small Canadian town.

“There was a chain of what initially appeared as satellites in orbit, flying in a linear formation, spaced equidistant. They were in a near perfect line that stretched ultimately from the west horizon to the east horizon”, the author of the report stated. “As the first one disappeared to the east, the last one appeared from the west”, he asserted.

The Alberta resident explained that, from his perspective, these objects were separated by about four inches (10 centimetres). Also, he claimed they did not emit any sound. “The actual separation of these objects is unknown given they were high, but if you held your thumb and forefinger between them, they'd measure about 4 inches in separation”, he mentioned. “There was no noise”, he added.

Finally, as per the witness’s report, soon after the last object appeared, an actual satellite also was seen. However, its appearance was different. “As the last object appeared, an actual satellite (as I know them) came into view in close proximity, but travelling tangent to the object”, he said. “They were bright but the light appeared to be reflected vs. generated”, he described.

“These were not satellites as I'm an avid sky watcher and I've never witnessed anything like this. There were no contrails, so I'd suspect these were not high flying military aircraft”, the Canadian affirmed.

Draw your own conclusions…

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