Aliens and FBI Agents Allegedly Abduct North Carolina Resident


Date: 22 June, 2019.

Place: Bakersville, North Carolina State, United States.

A few days ago, on 22 June, a very strange situation was reported in the small village of Bakersville, North Carolina.

According to an anonymous testimony published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online database, a local resident claimed to have been abducted and harassed by a group of alien entities and FBI agents.

“I woke up to a silver cylindrical drone beckoning me from my sleep on the couch. I then walked outside where I met an agent snooping around. I proceeded to fight with agents for trespassing, but suddenly a black helicopter showed up and hovered over me until I opened fire with a disarmed agent’s sidearm”, the author of the report stated. “The drone was aware of me and at the vocal request of the agent, a blue beam lit up all around me and I got severely ill and physically felt in fire. This lasted approximately 2 minutes. Then, I managed to get up and run into a field where I was then met by another agent. I fought and disarmed the agent, and made my way back to the other agents. Still confused about why they refused to acknowledge the drone, I raised the rifle I had taken from the first agent and fired a single round at the drone, which then crashed into my neighbor’s property and exploded”, he described.

According to the North Carolina resident, after this incident, a craft and a mysterious entity appeared on the scene. “Suddenly, I noticed the clouds separating where I could then make out a craft which became clearly visible”, he said. “The craft moved over into the field, just above the ground, and then several military personnel and a single unknown entity met me instantaneously”, he added.

“Still unsure how I was moving because I felt paralysed against my will, I heard the agents responding to the drone cleanup while the entity and two military personnel shuttled me onboard the craft. I was then communicating telepathically and verbally with these three”, the witness asserted. “I was assured everything would be OK, and then I was unexpectedly released from whatever was making me feel paralysed. I took the very first moment to swing a punch which did connect with and injured the entity, which was a grey alien with reptile eyes”, he claimed.

“One of the agents who were with me promised that if I ever spoke about this they would return and erase my memory. I then asked if he was going to erase my memory like my neighbor and he smiled and said ‘yes’. The next thing I know I was walking up the driveway and back in the house where I fell asleep”, the man expressed.

Draw your own conclusions…

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