Ufologist Discovers Two Alien Ships In Mars


Date: 04 September, 2019.

Place: surface of Mars.

Just a couple of weeks ago, more specifically on 04 September, renowned UFO researcher and writer Scott C. Waring, creator of the famous UFO Sightings Daily website, claimed to have made a new, astonishing discovery.

According to the ufologist, on that they he found two unusual structures on the surface of Mars that, in his opinion, are alien spaceships stationed on the red planet.

Mr Waring asserted that the structures appear on a series of pictures from Gigapan. “I found two interesting structures today in a Mars photo from Gigapan”, he said. “The two structures appear to be ships that landed at the centre of craters”, he added.

In the images is possible to see a couple of round objects with bright borders and dark centres that clearly contrast with the rest of the surface. “You can see the black shinyness of the objects. One is very round and dome-shaped, and the other is less thick and more turtle-shell shaped”, Mr Waring explained.

The American researcher, who is currently living in Taiwan, believes that these alleged ships frequently take off and land in the same place. He is also convinced that the objects adopted this shape so that scientists cannot find them easily. “I believe both are ships that can leave at any time. By landing in the craters, astronomers and others who record them will assume that they are mere shadows”, the ufologist asserted. “But as you see, they are real objects hiding in the craters”, he continued.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.ufosightingsdaily.com/2019/09/two-aliens-ships-found-in-craters-on.html