Aliens Could Destroy Humanity With ‘Coded Message’ Encrypted In Computer Viruses, Scientists Warn


Just a couple of weeks ago, on 24 September, British online newspaper The Sun published a very interesting article about a shocking revelation that a group of American and German scientists made. According to them, our entire civilisation could be “wiped out” by extraterrestial entities through “coded messages” that would eventually destroy our “electronics and unleash killer robots”.

The article written by expert and science reporter Harry Pettit states that “aliens will choose to destroy humanity by ‘hacking’ our planet over blasting us with space weapons”.

“That message, loaded with computer viruses, is a more efficient way to attack our planet than a fleet of warships, a team of German and American scientists said”, Mr Pettit writes.

The report quotes the opinion of researchers from the University of Hawaii and the Sonneberg Observatory, who expressed that “after all, it is cheaper to send a malicious message to eradicate humans compared to sending battleships”.

The information gathered by Mr Pettit reveals two ways aliens could destroy humans. “One would be to suggest the aliens are about to destroy our sun. Another way would be to introduce an artificial intelligence that takes over or shuts down our computers or electricity grids”, he says.

“One suggestion from the team is that instructions on how to build nano-robots that are sold as a new miracle cure for cancer could be sent in the message”, the journalist asserts. “These robots may eventually turn on us, chewing up Earth or its inhabitants until there's nothing left”, he comments.

For this reason, several scientific projects related to FRBs (Fast Radio Bursts) are currently being developed. “They are looking for ‘Fast Radio Bursts’ – strings of radio waves detected multiple times on Earth that could be messages from a distant alien race”, Mr Pettit explains. “To avoid disaster, we could ‘decontaminate’ any messages received by aliens, though the researchers suggest this is next-to-impossible”, he adds.

Draw your own conclusions…

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