Workers Spot Bright UFO Flying Over Sudbury, Ontario


Date: 31 January, 2020.

Place: Sudbury, Province of Ontario, Canada.

Just a couple of weeks ago, on 31 January, a group of workers witnessed a very unusual incident in the city of Sudbury, Ontario.

According to an anonymous report published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online database, these workers spotted what appeared to be a very bright object hovering over the Canadian city.

“At about 07:00 hours in the morning, I along with a number of my co-workers observed this very bright light in the shape of an oval hovering in the sky close to the Nickel Rim South mine, which is behind the Sudbury Airport”, the author of the report stated. “A few described a second smaller light descending down into the larger oval light [but] I did not see that; I could just make out a line running from the centre-top to bottom as it was motionless in the sky”, he added.

The Ontario resident affirmed that this UFO could be clearly seen in spite of the sunny sky, which means that it was significantly bright. “I got dressed into my work cloths and went back outside to the parking lot with my smartphone and recorded the object for a minute or so. It was a clear sunny sky and the object was very white bright”, he expressed.

“It was approximately a half mile from the Sudbury Airport facing southwest from my position. I knew it wasn't Venus or that it could be a weather balloon being so close to the airport”, the witness asserted. “After a while we went in for our morning briefing and then proceeded out to the head frame. It was at that time I noticed that the object had shifted position and was now facing northwest”, he continued.

“This was witnessed by most of my crew”, the Canadian affirmed.

Draw your own conclusions…

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