Triangle-shaped UFO Releases Hundreds Of Bird-like Entities Over Nanton, Alberta


Date: 04 February, 2020.

Place: Nanton, Province of Alberta, Canada.

Just a couple of weeks ago, on 04 February, a very strange incident took place in the small village of Nanton, Alberta.

According to an anonymous report published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online database, a local resident and his mother claimed to have spotted “a white, inverted triangle-shaped object” hovering over the town, releasing what appeared to be “hundreds of white birds”.

“Looking at the sky while outside with my mum, she said: ‘Have you ever seen a satellite move that fast?’ I looked up and I saw what looked like a satellite or star, and could've been the size/altitude of a star or satellite moving three or four times faster than any satellite I've ever seen”, the author of the report stated. “There were no stars visible that night. […] She [his mother] kept on looking and agreed that it was strange to see that, but no other stars whatsoever”, he added.

However, moments later, the unidentified craft turned and now was heading towards the two witnesses. “We go on looking for 10 seconds or so and the light just stopped. Complete stop. My mom and I are both asking each other what was happening and as soon as we reacted it did a 90° turn and was now travelling towards us rather than an east-west direction”, the Alberta resident asserted. “We were dumbfounded, excited, not totally sure what to say to each other for a second, but we knew that we both saw the same thing and that it wasn't normal”, he mentioned.

“Suddenly, I heard a loud sound, like a jet engine type of noise. It was so loud that I looked up, startled. I saw a white, inverted triangle-shaped object that might've been the size of my house, right at street light level”, the Canadian claimed. “I pointed at where the triangle was, and as I did that, the sound of shattering glass exploded in my head, and then birds... what looked like hundreds of white birds exploded from this triangle, and all I could hear was this swarm of birds that flew off in all directions”, he continued.

“My mom and I still talk about this, and I personally think about it daily. It's an obsession because I need to understand”, the witness expressed.

Draw your own conclusions…

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