'No eating, no drinking and no queuing for popcorn': Girlfriend shares her boyfriend's VERY strict rules for their Avengers: Endgame cinema trip - as fans praise his commitment to the film


A mother has shared her boyfriend's very sternly worded instructions about their date night to the the cinema.

Kamilla Rose, from London, revealed her boyfriend Cyrille Sokpor's note on Twitter, ahead of their viewing of the new Avenger's: EndGame film.

His list included rules like no eating or speaking during the film or credits, and instructions that if there was an emergency regarding their 18 month old son Noah, she should leave and he would join her after the film had ended. 

Thousands of other users agreed with Cyrille, and praised him for being upfront about his desire to watch the film uninterrupted. 

Many wrote that they'd share his night with their own partners, with one saying: 'I approve of this! And I love your boyfriend! Sending this immediately to mine'.

Kamilla took to Twitter to share her boyfriend's note, which quickly went viral on the site, with thousands liking her post. 

The mother explained that he'd sent her a 'very sternly worded note' about their cinema trip to see The Avengers: End Game. 

The Marvel film marks the end of a chapter in the superhero universe, and will wrap up 11 years of 21 movie story lines. 

It's widely anticipated by superhero fans, who have been using the hashtag #AvengersEndGame to share their excitement.

Proving she was far from the avid fan her boyfriend is, Kamilla misspelled the name of the film, hashtagging her post #AvangersEndGame. 

The mother joked that she was left:'Mad because I thought it was just date night.'  

Her boyfriend's note explained that it was regarding her attendance at the Avengers End Game and that she would need to confirm a series of instructions and rules beforehand. 

He started:'We will not be queuing to buy popcorn, please make prior arrangements. 

'You are not permitted to consume any food during the film including end credits - you may quietly drink water.'

He went on: 'I will not be moving to allow you to pass for a toilet break - find an alternative route.

'You will not communicate with me during the trailers or the duration of the film (inc end credits).'

The father went on to explain that if there was any emergency relating to their 18  month old son, Noah, he gave his partner 'full authority' to leave and take control.

'I will join you after the film (including end credits).'

And the rules didn't stop after the film had ended, as Cyrille also explained: 'After the film (including end credits) we will have a 30 minute debrief session to discuss the events, followed by a period of quiet personal reflection.'

'It is acknowledged that I may not be my usual self post this film. Please do not be alarmed.'