Dog Owner Reveals She Spends $250 A Month Pampering Her Puppy


A woman and her fiancé are giving their dog the kind of treat most human would wish they even had for themselves.

Th pampered pooch enjoys steak dinners with ‘Pawsecco’ after a wash and blow dry, using $90 (£70) vegan shampoo.

Cockapoo Lola is so spoiled by Lu Short, 27, and her fiancé Chris Wilkinson, 29, that the young professionals even moved 35 miles from their chic pad in east London’s Docklands to a doggy des res in Chelmsford, Essex, so she could have a garden.

Completely crazy about the cuddly canine, they spend over $250 each month (£200-a-month) just on her food and accessories like perfume and toys, clean her teeth with special canine chicken toothpaste and give her nightly head massages.

And when they tie the knot on May 18 at the beautiful All Saints Church in Ulting, Essex, she will play a major role, according to Chris, who said: ‘She will feature very heavily during the day and will be carrying the rings at some point.

‘But she won’t be allowed into the actual church, as it’s literally [three yards] from a river, so there’s a big danger she’ll run into it for a swim, then shake muddy water over everyone’s nice clothes and Lu’s white dress!’

© Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited The pup also enjoys a tipple – as the owners buy her ‘pawsecco’ a specialist wine designed for cats and dogs

Chris, who is chief of staff at pet well-being company, met senior pediatric nurse Lu when they lived on the same floor at their halls in Kings College, London, in September 2009. He was studying for a degree in geography and her in nursing.

Soon a couple, they bought Lola for over $1,600 (£1,250) from a breeder near Stansted Airport, Essex, in April 2018, Lu having begged Chris to get a dog for six months.

But it was Chris who first broke the rules they had made about ‘no dogs on the bed.’

Lu laughed: ‘Every night Lola comes and says goodnight to us and we give her a head massage until she falls asleep.

‘Even though he wasn’t big on the idea of having a dog, Chris started secretly sneaking her up to for little sleep overs after the first two weeks that we had her and now she has her own bed in our room, but she sleeps with us most of the time.