Climate Change and Global Warming: Hoax to Restrict Human Freedom?


How shocked will you be to learn that everything you have been told about "Climate Change" and man-made "Global Warming" is all lies? Not only that, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) all the while from 1958 knew that the changes occurring to planetary weather patterns were absolutely natural and normal. But for whatever reason, the space agency chose to let the hoaxgo on while restricting human freedom.

In the year 2000, on its website on Earth Observation, NASA published the information they possessed about the Milankovitch Climate Theory, which was proved to be fact by core samples from the earth's seas.  Climate change,global warming and destructive weathershappen naturally from changes in earth's solar orbit, and the extent of earth's axis tilt.  Not from man-induced factors like driving SUVs and consuming beef.

The Serbian astrophysicist MilutinMilankovitch after whom the Milankovitch Climate Theory is named was born in 1879 in the rural village of Dalj(then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, today located in Croatia. Milankovitchonce stated that the seasonal and latitudinal variations of solar radiation that hit the earth in different ways, and at different times, have the greatest impact on earth’s changing climate patterns.

The Sun is the biggest factor affecting the earth's climate

The obliquity of the earth or its change in axial tilt is a huge factor in climate change.At the higher tilts, the earth’s seasons become much extreme, while at the lower tilts they tend to become milder.A similar situation subsists for the earth’s rotational axis, which depending on which hemisphere is pointed at the sun during perihelion, can greatly impact the seasonal extremes between the two hemispheres.

Using these orbital variations, Milankovitch formulated a comprehensive mathematical model that calculated the surface temperatures on the earth going way back in time for about 600,000 years before the year 1800.A report on Hal Turner agrees that the climate of the earth has forever been changing and is in a constant state of flux due to no fault of ours as human beings.

For nearly half a century after Milankovitch first put forward his model, it was largely ignored. Not until 1976 after a study that was published in the journal Science discovered that Milankovitch’s theory is accurate and corresponds to various periods of climate change that have been recorded.

After this study, the National Research Council of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences has embraced the Milankovitch Cycle model stating that:

“… orbital variations remain the most thoroughly examined mechanism of climatic change on time scales of tens of thousands of years and are by far the clearest case of a direct effect of changing insolation on the lower atmosphere of Earth.”

In summary, the determining factor that influences the weather and climate patterns on the earth is the sun and not necessarily human activities as the mainstream media and left-wing politicians have made us believe.Till date this information hasn't gonemainstream, even some climate obsessed lefties have now begun to claim that we only have 18 months left before the planet dies from an excess of carbon dioxide (CO2), as can be seen in a report from BBC.