UFO Sightings Surged in 2020, Will We Make First Contact Before New Year's Eve?


UFO sightings have surged in 2020, leaving many to wonder if the year will end with an alien invasion. 2020 has kept the world on its toes since January. The pandemic has claimed over a million lives globally, and forced people to stay home. Which leaves more time for staring up at the sky. The 5G conspiracy theories popped up shortly after the pandemic set in, along with a crop of Japanese Murder Hornets and Soviet nuclear cannibal ants. Would aliens really be out of the question for 2020?

MUFON, aka the Mutual UFO Network, which is run by 4,000 volunteers around the world, has been investigating UFO sightings for decades. Tom Maher is the Minnesota Director of MUFON and he claims that there have been 99 UFO sightings this year in Minnesota alone, which doesn't seem like much. However, when compared to the 1,226 sightings in the past 20 years, that number looks a lot more significant. Maher had this to say.