China Plans To Become The First World Power By Using Its Advanced Space Program


Renowned Australian researcher and writer PhD Michael Salla on 21 September 2019 made a shocking revelation about China and its position as a world’s superpower. According to him, the Asian country is “painstakingly implementing a 100-year strategic plan aimed at overtaking the United States as the world’s dominant superpower or hegemon by 2049”.

The former professor at American University based his revelation on fellow researcher Michael Pillbury’s book, The Hundred Year Marathon. “Pillsbury explains how a ruling hegemon (the US in contemporary times) would be undermined by an aspiring hegemon (China), by means of stealth, cunning, and deception as practiced by different kingdoms during the [Chinese] Warring States period”, Mr Salla wrote. “He cogently explains how such goals require long term thinking by China as the aspiring hegemon that lacks the political and military power to directly confront the ruling US hegemon until it has been sufficiently weakened by internal and external strife”, he added.

Mr Salla also made reference to the Chinese space program, which is, in his opinion, a key element in this situation. “When it comes to outer space, Pillsbury explains how China has been using these unscrupulous practices to develop its own conventional space program, with the goal of projecting a military presence into space”, he expressed. “While the Trump administration is in the midst of creating of Space Force as the sixth branch of the US military, China has had an “Aerospace Force” up and running since 2014”, the researcher added.

“China insists that it is only attempting to match the US militarization of space, but given the gap between the development of the US military’s presence in space, and China’s more recent efforts, it will take China many years to catch up”, the Australian professor commented. “Space is where the real battle between the ruling hegemon (US) and the aspiring hegemon (China) will be determined, and where China’s plans to supplant the US as the ruling hegemon will be ultimately resolved”, he asserted.

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